Fldigi is a modem program for most of the digital modes used by radio amateurs today: CW, PSK, MFSK, RTTY, Hell, DominoEX, Olivia, and Throb are all supported. It can help calibrate a sound card to a time signal and do frequency measurement tests.

NOTICE: You must proceed to the Files section to locate the correct fldigi, flrig etal download for your particular operating system. Do not blithely use the big green Download button! Use the "Files" menu item or the "Browse All Files" link.

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User Reviews

  • Great software. I just wish it would get ported to run on iOS as well as support FT8, JT65, JT9. It would be amazing to be able to run this from an iPhone for SOTA & field day.

  • fine app for any case. I love to use it for reading the high-speed cw. and it works fine. Even if the Operator gives "with left foot".

  • Got here by the flnet page so this comment is for flnet 7.3.2 Symantic is flagging this as A high-risk incident was detected on ED-3 within the group HSPA on 1/19/2018 10:28:14 AM. Incident Details flnet-7.3.2_setup.exe (Trojan.Gen.8!cloud) detected by Virus scanner Threat Name Trojan.Gen.8!cloud Threat Type Heuristic Virus File Name e:\ednaratil\netcontrol\flnet-7.3.2_setup.exe Action Required Resolved - No Action Required

  • It works. Developer is VERY responsive to issues and usually has a bug fix out in no more than 24 hours. The user community is also very knowledgeable and helpful.

  • I have used fl apps briefly. Got ready to upgrade, and downloaded fldigi, flmsg, flrig. I wish that the install notes for Windows specifically mentioned whether these apps install standalone, or if they embed in Windows. Also mention how to upgrade...install upgrade in new diir? Overwrite old dir? I found comments in fldigi_4.0.5_help.pdf, sect 8.2 that might apply as good practice in general, but no clue.

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French, Polish, Italian, German, Spanish

Intended Audience

End Users/Desktop

User Interface

X Window System (X11), Win32 (MS Windows), Cocoa (MacOS X), FLTK

Programming Language

C++, C