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  • Full functional SFM software!!! From photos to final model.

  • Regard3D is potentially excellent software. Regard3D is free. It provides point cloud and triangulation features. Using a quick set of still 36 images of a lion statue was used for a quick test. Comparing trial results from Agisoft and Colmap a sample trial showed, a point cloud rendered from Agi-soft and Render3D and was similar. Colmap appeared superior but there may be settings to improve results with Agisoft and Render3D. This is a quick test. The triangulated view using Render3D the interface is largely intuitive. In the first instance I found it possible to render images without reference to documentation so there may be considerable room to improve on this test result. Windows installation is straight forward because binaries are available. After a standard installation regard3D just runs. For those of us wanting to free ourselves from Mircosoft we wish Regard3D ran on Linux. You can they say compile from the Source but this is not at this time a reality for above average talents.There is not enough support and this is the community where so much could be contributed by the Regard3d and to Regard3D project. Regard3D have no obvious options on their web page to make contact and mention small problems to them. There are two main problem for Linux. There are no Linux binaries. Version > 9.2 source code fails to compile or even begin to compile and previous versions had trouble locating third party applications, notably flann whether install with apt-get or compiled from source.

  • This program is great for the basics. I wish it could edit meshes and point clouds built in. For that I have to use meshlab. The "add picture set" menu shows that the picture doesn't have sensor width metadata or that this info isn't in the program's sensor database, so it says N/A. It is a massive oversight that one cannot simply add this info in that menu. This is honestly program use ruining for me. How hard would it have been to add this feature, how dumb it was not to add it? (I always add one star for being free)